Due to a Porsche error, a US$148,000 sports car is now available for just US$18,000

The affordable pricing, not the sporty curves of the motor, caught people's attention when a Porsche AG dealership in China released an online ad for the most recent Panamera sportscar.

The store looked to be selling the vehicle for a bargain of 124,000 yuan (RM78,302 or US$18,000), less than one-eighth of the actual starting price of 998,000 yuan (RM630,211 or US$148,000). Drivers desiring a touch of luxury thought their luck was in.

Porsche acknowledged the store in the northern city of Yinchuan had published information containing "a severe mistake in the quoted selling price" after hundreds of keen customers paid reservation fees of 911 yuan (RM135).

The company then made a humiliating about-face, which angered many users on the social networking site Weibo.

In response to a question from Bloomberg News, a representative for the Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker said the dealership promptly removed the inaccurate material after realizing its error.

Not everyone became ill from the error. Porsche said that it had "negotiated an agreed solution" regarding the sole vehicle the dealership had in stock with the first customer who made an online reservation. It was quite brief.

Porsche has apologized and explained the situation to each of the other bidders individually, and will reimburse reservation payments within 48 hours, the spokeswoman said.

In the first half of 2022, Porsche's sales in China reached US$6.2 billion (RM26.44 billion), making it the luxury automaker's largest market. During that time, it sold 46,664 vehicles in China, accounting for about 30% of global sales. by Bloomberg

Due to a Porsche error, a US$148,000 sports car is now available for just US$18,000

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