In the Protege program, 12,450 graduates would get more than RM5 million.

The Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Ministry has allocated more than RM5 million to help 12,450 graduates through its Protégé program this year.

For a targeted 76,690 graduates and undergraduates, the ministry has allotted RM30 million under the 12th Malaysian Plan (12MP), according to Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick.

A number of projects have been developed as part of the program with the goal of making Malaysia an entrepreneurial country by 2030.

"The exercises include developing the graduates' entrepreneurial abilities and increasing their marketability.

"The ministry is working strategically with the Higher Education Ministry to impart entrepreneurial skills to graduates from as early as the university stage.

He stated this while officiating a Protégé program on Tuesday: "We are also in the process of updating the memorandum of understanding with the Social Security Organization (Sosco) for projects that could benefit recipients and employers who are involved in the program."

To accomplish the national plan, according to Ewon, the ministry must cultivate strong collaboration with other ministries and agencies.

He continued by saying that as part of the ministry's 2023 Strategic Plan, 24 strategies totaling 185 programs or projects had been planned. These strategies covered the creation and implementation of policies, governance and monitoring, building capacity, gaining access to funding and markets, embracing new technology, and improving service delivery.

543,080 current or prospective business owners would gain from the adoption of all of these projects, he continued.

According to data from 2021 to 2022, 16,022 graduates in total have benefited from the Protégé-RTW (Ready to Work) program, according to Ewon.

In the Protege program, 12,450 graduates would get more than RM5 million.

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