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Judge in Colombia uses ChatGPT in decision

When a judge in Colombia revealed he had utilized the AI chatbot ChatGPT to draught a decision in a dispute involving children's medical rights, it created a stir.

In a case involving a plea to exclude an autistic boy from paying costs for medical visits, therapy, and transportation given his parents' restricted finances, Judge Juan Manuel Padilla claimed he used the text-generating bot.

In an interview with Blu Radio on Tuesday, Padilla said that while ChatGPT and similar tools can be helpful to "ease the preparation of texts," they are "not with the purpose of replacing" judges.

He gave the youngster the benefit of the doubt and stated in his decision dated January 30 that he had spoken with ChatGPT about the issue, albeit he did not say how much he had relied on the bot.

In addition, Padilla emphasized that "by posing queries to the application, we do not cease to be judges, thinking beings."

To answer queries presented by human users, ChatGPT employs artificial intelligence and reams of data from the Internet.

In one instance, Padilla claimed he asked the bot, among other things, "Is autistic minors exempt from paying expenses for their therapies?"

"Yes, this is right," it said. Children in Colombia who have been diagnosed with autism are not required to pay for their therapies, according to the law.

According to the court, ChatGPT provides the same services that a secretary once performed, and does it "in an organized, easy, and structured manner" that could "improve reaction times" in the legal system.

Some people, like Rosario University's Professor Juan David Gutierrez, expressed shock at the judge's admission.

A specialist in artificial intelligence regulation and governance Gutierrez said that he asked ChatGPT identical questions and received various answers.

He stated on Twitter that using ChatGPT as the judge intended in the aforementioned order was "absolutely not responsible or ethical."

He demanded that judges receive immediate "digital literacy" instruction.

With its ability to produce essays, articles, poems, and computer code in a matter of seconds, ChatGPT, developed by the California-based company OpenAI, has taken the world by storm since its November release.

Critics have expressed concern that it could be widely exploited for academic fraud in colleges and universities.

OpenAI has issued a warning that its technology is not perfect.

But Padilla claimed, "I anticipate that numerous of my colleagues will join in this and start to craft their decisions ethically with the aid of AI." – AFP

Judge in Colombia uses ChatGPT in decision

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Judge in Colombia uses ChatGPT in decision