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Mission schools comes  with a Philosophy to education for all

While the Education Ministry is responsible for overseeing mission school administration, the Infant Jesus Sisters assert that all Infant Jesus Convent schools are mission schools and have a unique culture, ethos, and heritage.

The full statement from the Infant Jesus Sisters is provided below:

It was suspected last week that SMK Convent Johor Baru held an SPM workshop in a hotel for its underachieving Malay students, and we think that the appropriate authorities have conducted investigations.

All Infant Jesus Convent schools are mission schools, according to the Infant Jesus Sisters, who also suggest that each one has its own unique culture, ethos, and heritage. Our focus has always been on providing students with a complete education that includes character development in addition to academic performance. Our worldview emphasizes the promotion of justice and peace and is founded on unity and education for all, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

In keeping with our previous motto, "Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty," we should approach God with complete trust and love while keeping in mind the need to be of service to others.

The administration of mission schools is currently under the control of the Ministry of Education. However, the Infant Jesus Sisters own the land and structures of all Infant Jesus Convent Schools.

The associations, relationships, and management of the Infant Jesus Sisters as stakeholders for all of their Infant Jesus Convent Schools have always been built on a relationship of respect, cooperation, and mutual esteem.

We anticipate a definitive resolution to this investigation, after which all parties can cooperate to further diversity and inclusivity through innovative and flexible instruction.

The Infant Jesus Sisters emphasize the value of upholding the Infant Jesus Convent's ethos for the development of moral character and common values.


The Society of Saint Maur Provincial's Lady Superior,

Malaysian Infant Jesus Sisters.

Mission schools comes  with a Philosophy to education for all

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Mission schools comes  with a Philosophy to education for all