Thursday, February 2, 2023

Samsung will manufacture Galaxy S23 mobile phones in India.

Samsung, a South Korean manufacturer of smart devices, announced on Thursday that it will produce the high-end Galaxy S23 smartphones in India to meet demand there.

The Galaxy S23 series has a launch price of between Rs 75,000 and Rs 1.55 lakh per unit in India.

Samsung now imports the Galaxy S Series smartphones for sale in India after producing them in its factory in Vietnam.

"The company's plant in Noida will produce all Galaxy S23 devices sold in India.

"Samsung currently produces the majority of the domestic demand in India at its Noida factory.

The company's approach to India's manufacturing and growth story is demonstrated by Samsung's decision to sell Galaxy S23 smartphones that are "Made in India," according to a statement from Samsung.

The news comes a day after Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, announced the abolition of the import tax on camera lenses, which are a significant differentiator for smartphones in the Galaxy S series.

On Wednesday, the firm introduced three variations of the Galaxy S23 smartphone, each boasting a top-notch camera sensor.

"The Galaxy S23 Ultra has Samsung's most sophisticated camera technology, which is designed to capture stunning detail in almost any lighting situation. The 200 MP Adaptive Pixel sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra captures extraordinary moments with absolute accuracy "The declaration said.

In comparison to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has doubled the main camera sensor's resolution in the Galaxy S23 Ultra series to 200 megapixels while keeping the 100x optical and 10x digital zoom features.

Samsung will manufacture Galaxy S23 mobile phones in India.

The phone will have five sets of cameras with 12 megapixel to 200 megapixel camera sensors.

Comparing the Galaxy S23 series to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung has raised the price by 2.7% to 30%.

The cost of the Galaxy S22 smartphone, released last year, ranged from Rs 72,999 to Rs 1,18,999 per unit.

The business claimed that even before the pre-bookings for the Galaxy S22 ended on March 10, 2022, it had received 1.4 lakh orders for the handsets.

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Samsung will manufacture Galaxy S23 mobile phones in India.