Saturday, February 11, 2023

The government plans to implement a scheme to support disadvantaged students higher education.

For first-generation students from low-income households who can attend higher education institutions, the Higher Education Ministry plans to launch a free studies sponsorship scheme.

The matter would be presented to the Cabinet for approval, according to the minister in charge, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

At the ministry's New Year Mandate here on Monday, he stated, "It is a measure to alleviate poverty through knowledge and skills."

According to Mohamed Khaled, the ministry also intended to examine whether it would be appropriate to transform the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) into a national trust fund.

He stated, "We want to lower PTPTN's debt burden to ensure its sustainability and make it a national education financing agency that allows all people from inside and outside the country to participate to the financing of the country's higher education.

In order to take advantage of digital platforms and technology, he claimed that the ministry was also looking into flexible education that combined in-person and online learning because doing so would significantly lower the cost of education.

Mohamed Khaled stated that in order to guarantee that the positions would be filled by the most competent and reliable people, the leadership at institutions of higher learning and organizations under the ministry will be chosen after a rigid, exhaustive, and objective screening procedure.

He said that a rigorous screening process will be used to reflect the ministry's professional, just, impartial, and apolitical approach to translating the many national policies and programs.

"The nation requires a highly effective higher education sector. This needs to start with trustworthy and effective leadership "added he.

Additionally, he urged the ministry's employees to provide students with the necessary instruction to put them on the path to academic success and intellectual culture.

According to him, the ministry is now more concerned with the need for artificial intelligence to manage both people and technology than it is with soft and practical skills.

"Capacity to conduct debates and work well in a team, emotional maturity, multilingualism, and negotiation abilities. Every skill is intelligent "said he.

He added that the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program would undergo a significant makeover in order to enhance the ecosystem and produce students who are more technologically adept and skilled.

He continued, "The nation needs a large number of people with technologically advanced skills."

The government plans to implement a scheme to support disadvantaged students higher education.

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The government plans to implement a scheme to support disadvantaged students higher education.