Users who don't live with both the account holder could be blocked by Netflixs new password sharing policies.

The Sharing Your Account information guide from Netflix has been updated to reflect a number of additional requirements that will have members confirm their home devices on a monthly basis or risk having their access terminated.

Additionally, the streaming service warned customers that "any devices not in the account owner's primary location may be restricted" and urged them to sign up for other accounts.

The firm will need users to connect to WiFi at a primary location, access the Netflix app or website, and view something at least once every 31 days in order to verify that home devices are connected with an account holder's primary location.

The business claimed that in order to establish whether a device logged into an account is linked to a principal location, it uses data such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

In a report on January 31, the website The Streamable noted the updated guidelines on the US Netflix Help Centre. Netflix later clarified that the new limitations had been removed from the company's policies and that they were now only relevant in a few countries, particularly Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

If you're reading the information for Malaysia, you cannot view these rules.

The new regulations demonstrated how the business may be toughening up on password sharing. The corporation said in a shareholders report last month that it would implement "paid sharing" policies in the first quarter of this year.

It was noted in the "Who can use a Netflix account currently" section that accounts could only be shared among members of the same household or those residing in the same principal residence as the account holder.

Additionally, the firm specified that anybody outside the account holder's household must use their own account to access Netflix under the section "Share Netflix with someone who doesn't reside with you." You can still add a second user to your account if you want to share Netflix with someone who doesn't reside with you.

Users can ask for a temporary code from the service when checking in via email or text, the business added, if they are worried about using their Netflix account while traveling. They will have access to the account by using this code for a period of seven days.

Users on Twitter have reacted negatively to stories about the potential new rules, saying they may quit their subscriptions.

Some people responded to a 2017 Netflix tweet that stated "Love is sharing a password" by posting memes. That didn't age well, did it, a user commented.

Users who don't live with both the account holder could be blocked by Netflixs new password sharing policies.

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