Mobile industry leaders reveal a unified interface to entice cloud developers

The largest mobile phone providers in the world revealed a new uniform interface that will give programmers access to all of their networks, accelerating the release of new services and goods.

According to an interview with GSMA Director General Mats Granryd, the gateway, called Open Gateway, will be unveiled on February 27 during the organization's annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Of the 21 GSMA members, AT&T Inc., China Mobile Ltd., Deutsche Telekom AG, and Vodafone Group Plc. will use the interface.

Mobile industry leaders reveal a unified interface to entice cloud developers

Granryd stated, "We have the remarkable reach out to your pocket and down to the base station. And that is what we are working to make available to the developer community so that you, either as a customer or a business owner, will ultimately profit.

Mobile network operators are abandoning a past strategy of going it alone and combining to become more appealing partners for technology giants. These companies have struggled for years to develop in competitive and saturated marketplaces. Enabling developers to create services that can run simultaneously over various networks may result in new and improved services.

The project has the support of major cloud providers, including Amazon Inc.'s AWS and Microsoft Inc.'s Azure, according to a GSMA statement released on Monday.

Over the past ten years, Internet usage has increased dramatically, but mobile operators have mostly failed to capitalize on this trend. As a result, the European Union is looking into ways to get major American technology companies to help pay for carriers' network costs. by Bloomberg

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