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These remarkable girls grab the opportunity to ascend once more.

Nur (not her real name) endured some traumatic experiences as a child, including recovering from the trauma of being raped, fleeing a chaotic household, and ending up working as an escort to support herself.

She used to take mental medication because she started self-harming at one point.

But all changed when a court ordered her to live in Asrama Bahagia in Kuala Lumpur until she became 18 years old.

Nur from Labuan, Sabah, shared her experience, describing how she and her two older sisters were raised in an unstable atmosphere.

Their mother regularly gambled, drank alcohol, and frequently brought strange guys home.

Because of their mother's addiction to get-rich-quick schemes and other harmful behaviors that eventually had a negative impact on the family, Nur claimed she fled the house after her two sisters left.

Before things became a little sticky as a result of a bad relationship, she spent a brief period of time in Selangor with one of her mother's acquaintances.

She was compelled to work as an escort for seven months because it was the only position available to her during the time of the movement control order.

"My father passed away when I was a baby, so I never met him.

"After my sisters moved to Kuala Lumpur, I was left to handle my mother by myself. Soon after, I fled in the hopes of establishing myself alone.

"After being eventually sent to Asrama Bahagia, I told the court all that had transpired.

She explained, "I was placed under the Welfare Department at the safe house until I was 18 because the court decided that my mother was unfit to care for me.

Nur's graduation from the "Aku Luar Biasa" (I Am Exceptional) program, a continuation of the Youth Inspiration program run by the Youth and Sports Ministry and Malaysia Youth Council to combat social problems among young people, was one of 24 females who made yesterday a special day for her.

The program offers individuals psychological counseling to help them regain their confidence.

Asrama Bahagia is selected as the program's pilot project with the intention of educating participants in self-care and emotional management.

Adam Adli Abdul Halim, the deputy minister of youth and sports, gave the certificates to the 24 girls who participated in the six-month program starting in September of last year.

Nur expressed her gratitude for being a part of the program, saying that it had helped her better manage her emotions, communicate with others, and let go of painful memories.

"I came to the realization that I had missed out on my childhood while staying at the safe home.

"I got to do things there that my classmates did, like play basketball and congkak and socialize with other people.

I no longer injure myself or take psychiatric medications since I now have complete control over my life.

Even my relationship with my family has gotten better, she continued.

Nur, who will be taking her SPM examinations, wants to work as a flight attendant or a pilot.

Another participant, 18-year-old Kuantan, Pahang resident Karen (not her real name), had a history of disobedience and emotional instability.

Her family temporarily relocated her to Asrama Bahagia, where she is still presently residing.

"I just couldn't control myself because when my parents wouldn't give in, I'd get upset and frustrated. Nonetheless, I didn't engage in any criminal activity.

"I learned how to appreciate myself more after taking the program. I can handle disputes and have more emotional control.

"I have discovered a lot here. Life has so much to offer, she continued.

Deja, 16, also from Kuantan, claimed that the training had been very beneficial to her and that she now feels more in control of her emotions and behavior.

These remarkable girls grab the opportunity to ascend once more.

Although she has stayed in other safe houses, Asrama Bahagia's experience and the programs offered there have had a significant impact on her life.

"Because I made the decision to change, I learned how to transform myself. I've learned this via the program. I came to this place because of my unhealthy social habits, which included hanging out with people in terrible clothes, experimenting with drugs, and watching illicit racing.

"Now that I've realized my mistakes, I can communicate with my family and feel a lot happy," she continued.

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These remarkable girls grab the opportunity to ascend once more.