Through the DuitNow cross-border QR payment feature, BigPay users can scan QR codes in Singapore and Thailand.

With the help of the DuitNow cross-border QR payment technology, BigPay users may now travel more easily without cash to Singapore and Thailand. This means you can pay by scanning an SGQR code from Singapore NETS or a Thai QR code from Thailand's PromptPay.

BigPay claims to be one of the first companies to launch the service, which enables quick and easy instant QR payments at competitive currency rates in an effort to give users a seamless travel payment experience. This adds to the benefits of the real Visa prepaid card from BigPay, which also enables frictionless transactions at any business across the world that accepts Visa or Visa Paywave.

Through the DuitNow cross-border QR payment feature, BigPay users can scan QR codes in Singapore and Thailand.

Simply open the BigPay app, select the Explore option at the bottom of the screen, and then select DuitNow QR to send a QR payment abroad. You can scan the QR code from this point, enter the amount, check the transaction details, including the exchange rate, and then click pay to finish the transaction. The payment procedure is much the same as scanning any DuitNow QR code in Malaysia.

The announcement of a cross-border QR payment linkage between Bank Negara Malaysia and Bank of Thailand was made back in 2021, in case you missed it. Users in Thailand are able to scan the DuitNow QR codes in Malaysia under the first phase using their native apps. Phase 2 was slated to launch in Q4 2022, allowing Malaysian users to scan Thai QR codes. With Paynet's DuitNow QR network's cross-border QR payment capability enabled, travellers from Malaysia can use their own mobile banking or eWallet app while travelling abroad, while visitors from other countries can use their local applications to pay at DuitNow QR merchants in Malaysia.

The cross-border QR connectivity with Singapore was formally declared by Bank Negara Malaysia in late March of this year, while the cross-border QR coupling with Indonesia's QRIS QR was formally disclosed earlier this month. It's interesting that BigPay omitted to disclose that it supports the national QR code standard in Indonesia.

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