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Getting Hands-On With Samsung New Galaxy AI Function

Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S24 series, its highly anticipated flagship line-up for the year, which is available in three familiar variants: standard, Plus, and Ultra. While the upgraded hardware and cameras are highlights, what stole the show during the brand’s first major Unpacked event of the year is certainly the Galaxy AI feature that’s debuting on all three models.

With some assistance from Google, the South Korean tech giant is developing a new system that will allow customers to access several generative AI-assisted services directly from their Galaxy S24 handsets, eliminating the need for external or third-party programs. Real-time translations during calls, a plethora of capabilities for writing and formatting help, an entertaining new method for conducting web searches, and more are just a few of Galaxy AI's many amazing offers.

I had the chance to test out every function of the Galaxy AI before the Unpacked event, thanks to a chance given to me by Samsung. I've discovered the following thus far:

Getting Hands-On With Samsung New Galaxy AI Function

Call Assistance

Maybe the feature that I had been wanting for the longest—along with probably everyone else. Thus far, Call Assist has only one very important tool—Live Translation.

As the name implies, this enables simple, real-time voice-based translations so you can have phone conversations with others who speak certain languages. With support for 13 languages—English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Thai, and Vietnamese—Live Translate may be accessed through the phone app for the Galaxy S24 series.

When Call Assist is turned on, it will listen for spoken words and interpret them aloud for you. As soon as you're done speaking, its Live Translate feature will send the recipient the translated version of your speech and repeat the procedure for the response. The best thing is that you can have real-time translated discussions with users on any device because this function does not require either party to own a Galaxy S24 handset.

Samsung guarantees natural-sounding translated speech delivery, and you may choose from a variety of pre-recorded voices under Settings. The brand says that more languages will be offered in the future, but it makes no mention of whether Bahasa Malaysia will be one of them just yet. That being said, you will need to download each language separately for the Galaxy S24 series, as not all of them are instantly available.

Note Assistance

Similar to the previous example, Note Assist leverages generative AI to offer written-based functionalities like grammatical correction, formatting, translation, and so on. This specific function, though, can only be found on the Samsung Notes app and comes with additional useful capabilities like automatic summarization, handwriting recognition, and restructuring.

Penmanship A tool called Auto Spacing & Alignment can help you organize your messy handwriting and it works with 100 different languages. While Auto Format rearranges your notes into structured text (i.e., bullet points to paragraph write-ups), accurate Spelling suggests accurate spelling as well as date and time formats. Summarize highlights key ideas from a write-up and presents them in a condensed form or even bullet points.

It should be noted that the latter two require an internet connection, whereas the first two are available on-device (the handwriting-based capabilities are exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra). Additionally, users have the option to export Samsung Notes documents in several supported file formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF.

Photo Assistance

The next feature is Photo Assist, which provides a range of post-processing options to assist you improve the images that you have taken. These include Object Re-composition, which moves, erases, or resizes people and objects; Background Fill, which modifies the angle of images and creates a new background to fill in the spaces around the edges; and Edit Suggestion, which suggests various enhancements like remastering, object eraser, shadow removal, reflection removal, long exposure, and so forth.

Additionally, there is Instant Slow-Mo, which creates extra frames in response to movements. This not only gives your videos a dramatic look but it can also be used to slow down video so you can take a still picture of it.

Unfortunately, Photo Assist's tools are not device-specific and must be used with a live internet connection. It took a moment or two for me to process these improvements when I was using it hands-on.

Writing Assistance

Do you want to sound more official or even informal while responding to emails or chats? This is where Writing Assist from Galaxy AI is useful.

When it comes to Samsung's writing aid feature, you should be prepared if you are familiar with generative AI tools like ChatGPT. In summary, this specific feature allows you to adjust the tone of your writing to suit various contexts, from lighthearted to grave. There are five different styles available in Writing Assist: Professional, Emoji, Casual, Social, and Polite.

Simply compose a text, and Galaxy AI will help fill in the blanks and even correct any grammar errors based on the tone that is selected. Professionals compose messages that are quite professional; Emojis make them appear more amusing; Casuals deliver messages in a more relaxed manner; Social media users include pertinent hashtags; and Polites are often self-explanatory.

A built-in translation tool that covers the same number of languages as Call Assist is also accessible through Writing Assist. Just mark your text with this tool, and Galaxy AI will translate it into the language of your choice. Additionally, you can add various tone styles to the translated text.

Writing Assist can be accessed immediately from the Samsung Keyboard and is compatible with several apps, including Google Message, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messages, Samsung Messages, Google Chat, Signal, Line Messenger, and Tango. But bear in mind that the feature is dependent on cloud computing and needs an active internet connection to work. The gadget has an integrated translation function, however you will need to download the language packs first.

Draw Round To Search

Not only is this feature practical, but it's also a creative new method of searching the internet that was created in collaboration with Google and Samsung. As the name implies, users can use it to search for information by circling objects that they see on screen in images or even TikTok videos.

Holding down the Home button on the screen while drawing a circle around a subject in a picture or video will activate Circle To Search. This will then display Google search results, giving you details and links about the item you have chosen.

The best part is that all three of the models can use this feature; it's not just limited to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Naturally, Circle To Search requires an internet connection to function because it uses Google's search engine.


To sum up, the new Galaxy AI feature is a fascinating technological advancement to start the year with. Even though some of the tools are gimmicky, many of them are quality-of-life additions that we didn't realize we needed but are nonetheless really appreciated.

It remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will do as Samsung has done in leading the charge by being the first to incorporate a plethora of generative AI-powered capabilities onto its handsets. However, these cutting-edge features are only available on the South Korean tech giant's recently released Galaxy S24 series for the time being. They will most likely soon be added to its other handsets as well.

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Getting Hands-On With Samsung New Galaxy AI Function